Brass Split Bolt

Brass Split Bolt
Brass Split Bolt
Brass Split Bolt

Brass Cable Glands manufacture Brass Split Bolts from a hard grade high conductivity brass with captive saddle which applies a distributed pressure to conductors. Brass Split Bolts are available with natural brass, electro tinned, chrome plated brass or any coating as per custom specification. Our high quality range of Brass Split Bolts are used for tapping or joining aerial hard drawn copper conductors or insulated copper conductors.

Following are the specification of Brass Split Bolt :
  • For use in splicing, tapping or terminating conductors in power and grounding electrical connections.
  • Ideal for Copper to Copper Connections.
  • Also for Copper Pressure Bar and Square Style Head.
  • Ideal for grounding, bonding and direct burial applications.
  • Ideal for applications to connector one or two copper conductors to either a pre tapped hole or external stud post.
  • Used in a variety of applications such as substation grounding, on water pipes, conduits or pipe electrodes or for protective grounding on de-energized lines.
  • Dual Rated for Copper-to-Aluminium and Copper-to-Copper applications.
Ingress Protection:
  • IP 66 and IP 68
  • Copper, EC Grade Copper, Electro conductive Copper, High Conductivity Copper, EC Grade Aluminium, Passivated Brass, High Conductive Brass, Aluminium
  • Electro Tinned, natural brass, Nickel Plated, Chrome Plated
  • Threads are formed by rolling process giving the nut extra clamping force.
  • Pressure Pads are made from extruded bars (Not Cast), Preventing the pads from cracking.
  • Copper to Copper Connection.
  • Tested and listed for grounding and direct burial (UL486C, UL 467).
  • Resists Cracking and Corrosion.
  • UL listed for conductors of aluminum to aluminum, copper to copper or copper to aluminum.
We can manufacture and export Brass Split Bolt as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact Us