Brass Test Bond

Brass Test Bond
Brass Test Bond
Brass Test Bond

Brass Cable Glands manufacture and export wide range of brass cable glands accessories including brass test bonds. Brass Test Bonds are used to form a disconnecting joint between the down conductor and earthing system. Brass Test Bond connection allows the joint between copper or aluminium tapes to metallic structures.

Following are the specification of Brass Test Bond :
  • Used for 4-way copper tape connection.
  • Used to form a disconnecting joint between down conductor and grounding system.
  • Used to connect various structures and equipment in a facility to earthing system.
  • Determines the ability of an adhesive to remain in contact with a surface or material.
Ingress Protection:
  • IP 66 and IP 68
  • Brass, Gunmetal, Naval Brass
  • Electro Tinned, natural brass, Nickel Plated, Chrome Plated
  • Anti-Corrosive Properties and Resistance against abrasion.
  • Available in various shapes and sizes.
  • Two Way Fixing holes on the bottom plate.
  • Conforming to various National and International Standards.
We can manufacture and export Brass Test Bond as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact Us