Conduit Brass Cable Glands

Conduit Brass Cable Glands
Conduit Brass Cable Glands
Conduit Brass Cable Glands

Brass Conduit Cable Glands are available with Polythene Clamping Sleeve & Brass Clamping Sleeve. Brass Conduit Cable Gland has been specially design for highly flexible bare metal conduits. Brass Cable Glands offer multiple design and models of Conduit Cable Glands for different types of Flexible Conduits like Steel Braided, Un-braided, Steel Conduit with PVC / Nylon Coating, Liquid Tight Coated Conduits and also for flexible PVC and Nylon Conduits. Also available Brass nickel plated one-piece conduit gland with fixed metric thread for easy installation.

Following are the specification of Conduit Brass Cable Glands:
  • For easy installation.
  • Perforated corrugations ensure good flexibility.
  • Suitable for preassembled and all types flexible cables.
  • Provide Highest Ingress Protection Rating.
  • Provide High level of mechanical protection in arduous environments such as oil and gas, mining and other industrial installations.
Ingress Protection
  • IP68, IP67 and IP68
  • Brass, Electroless Nickel Plated Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminium
  • Brass Cable Glands Accessories available with Conduit Brass Cable Glands include PVC Shroud, Lock Nuts, Earth Tag, Blank Plug, Split Bolts, Test Clamps and more.
  • One-piece or Two Piece conduit gland with fixed metric threads.
  • Produced with a grounding ferrule and liquid tight seal.
  • Enables the maximum surface area contact between conduit and fittings.
  • Achieve a better seal and grounding.
We can manufacture and export Conduit Brass Cable Glands as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact Us