CXT Type Cable Gland

CXT Cable Gland
CXT Cable Gland
CXT Cable Gland

Brass Cable Glands manufacture and export Brass CXT Type Cable Glands from High Grade Brass. CXT Brass Braided Cable Glands are designed for use with SY, CY and other flexible wire braided cables where there is a need for clamping of the wire braid for electrical continuity and/or mechanical retention purpose. Brass CXT Cable Glands has moisture proof seal to IP66 rendering them suitable for internal or external use in dry, wet or moist environments.

Following are the specification of CXT Type Cable Gland :
  • Suitable for flexible braided cables (CY, YY & YY Cables).
  • For use with all types of braided armour cables, including screened flexible wire braid or wire braid armour cable.
  • Provide environmental seal on the cable outer sheath and armour termination.
  • Suitable for internal and external use.
  • 20 mm to 50 mm
Ingress Protection
  • IP 54, IP67, IP68
  • Brass, Electroless Nickle Plated Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminium
  • Brass Cable Gland Accessories available with CXT Brass Cable Gland like PVC Shrouds, Lock Nuts, Earth Tag, Blank Plug, Split Bolts, Test Clamps and more.
  • Available Entry Thread Protection IP54.
  • Totally protected against dust ingress.
  • Protected against strong jets of water.
  • Limited ingress permitted.
  • Provide moisture proof seal.
  • Coated and Plated as per customer specification.
  • Supplied with clear fitting instructions.
We can manufacture and export CXT Type Cable Gland as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact Us