IP-68 Cable Gland

IP68 Cable Gland
IP68 Cable Gland
IP68 Cable Gland

IP 68 Brass Cable Glands are manufactured with Metric and PG threads. IP 68 Brass Cable Glands are suitable for excellent strain relief application. The robust coated brass cable glands IP 68 have unique clamping design which provides outstanding strain relief power and watertight performance over the entire range from the widest variety of bodies and sealing inserts. Metric IP 68 Brass Compression Cable Glands are designed for use with unarmoured, Elastometric and plastic cables, also suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and for providing seals on cable outer sheath to Brass Cable Glands IP 68.

Following are the specification of IP-68 Cable Gland :
  • Suitable for everyplace where IP68 protection is required against dust, liquid, water, strain, twist and vibration.
  • IP 68 cable glands are mostly used in measuring and controlling instruments, machineries and equipment.
  • Provide shake and twist proof protection.
  • Suitable for use in plant and automation technologies where exceptional and safe functioning are required.
  • 20 mm to 50 mm
Ingress Protection
  • IP 68
  • Brass, Electroless Nickle Plated Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminium
  • Brass Cable Gland Accessories available with IP 68 Brass Cable Gland like PVC Shrouds, Lock Nuts, Earth Tag, Blank Plug, Split Bolts, Test Clamps and more.
  • Brass Cable Glands IP 68, Brass PG Cable Glands IP 68, Brass Metric Cable Glands IP68.
  • Available with Vibration Lock and Strain Relief Protection Class IP 68 – 5 Bar.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -300° C to +900° C
  • Provide maximum strain relief through clamping range.
  • Provide excellent mechanical properties in anti-corrosion, weather resistance, flame protection and high impact durability for indoor/outdoor cord-grip applications.
  • Trapezoidal thread with high torque guarantee.
  • Coated and Plated as per customer specification.
  • Supplied with clear fitting instruction.
We can manufacture and export IP-68 Cable Gland as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information please Contact Us